So… in the pub tonight…

We usually go down to the pub on a Sunday night to catch up with our two friends, the two T’s, Tim and Trevor; Trevor we have known for many years and is a surrogate granddad to our children, Tim we have known  since we moved back down here, fifteen years ago.

Also ranged along the bar, Phil, an amazing cook (he actually is the pub chef but says he is just a cook) – he is so imaginative, inventive and a brilliant producer of food, plus a funny and dear chum. Alongside Phil was Leighton, who introduced us to the Underfall boatyard in Bristol – we have been there three times already, and no doubt go many more times – and not only because of the brilliant café, Pickle. If you visit, I recommend the lemon polenta cake, but my husband has had several others, each delicious, and a bacon sandwich which he describes as a pig between two slices of bread! There was someone else at the bar, but I didn’t see who he was.

Terry, our friend who was in the amazing band, Celtic Shambles with my husband drifted through; the band had its name from the music it played (Celtic) and way it was played (a shambles). Alice who holds the license, returned from walking her two dogs, ‘jugs’ – a cross between pugs and Jack Russells, and various other regulars went back and forth.

Conversation with Tim and Trev:

  • family news… daughter in Amsterdam, son and girlfriend enjoying her birthday celebrations, Tim’s son’s new house, Tim’s wife’s minor op
  • what we’ve been up to… Trev’s games of bowls, my trip to London, my husband’s amazing carrot and freekeh burgers and other great cooking from him, Tim’s plans for his holiday
  • Celebrity Masterchef
  • moving house – Tim’s move from the Midlands to Weston, our move from Oldham to Weston, our experiences of buying/selling/renting houses, estate agents
  • Underfall – our latest favourite place
  • the cost of insurance
  • fitness and leisure/health centres
  • Brexit – a very brief discussion to avoid falling out with anyone
  • roadworks in the village
  • how tricky the quiz is recently – mainly because it seems to be more about celebrities, TV, films than about general knowledge/current affairs

All in all a typical night at the Dolphin! The boys were on Otter beer, I had a little Merlot, for medicinal reasons!

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