Mackerel-en-Mayonnaise with typo

I’ve inherited not only cookery books but booklets, leaflets, handouts, sheets which my mum, her sisters and my mother-in-law acquired over the years. Some of them go back to the late 1930’s when my mother-in-law was first married. Some of them are a little worse for wear – they were often printed on cheap paper and not meant to be kept for eighty years! Some have missing covers or pages, and sometimes I’ve got single pages and nothing else.

I came across a little leaflet which I think must have come with an Electrolux refrigerator; I would guess it’s from the 1950’s or 60’s judging by the illustrations and recipes. However, it is missing its cover and firs page so there is no introduction or date.

it starts with recipes for ice-cream, but as a vital part of the instruction is “given on page 2” I don’t think I’ll be attempting them, even if I wanted to! There’s a nice selection though – vanilla, strawberry, creme-de-menthe, maraschino, coffee, and Jamaica which are all just flavoured with essences. There are fruit, praline, Ovaltine, banana, pineapple and chocolate which actually have the fruit or almond rock in the case of the praline and Ovaltine powder for the Ovalatine! The next section is drinks, and then come Luncheon and Supper Dishes.

Mackerel-en-Mayonnaise, is just baked mackerel with mayonnaise… But here is the recipe in case you would like it for your supper:

  • 2 medium mackerel
  • ½ tea cup water
  • ½ tea cup vinegar
  • 12 cloves
  • piece of a bay leaf
  • 1 tsp peppercorns
  • 1 tsp salt
  • mayonnaise
  • sliced cucumber, lemon and parsley
  1. place mackerel in baking dish with water, cloves, vinegar and seasonings
  2. bake the fish in a moderate oven, skin and cool and arrange on a serving dish
  3. mask with mayonnaise, cover with grease proof paper and refrigerate
  4. garnish with cucumber, lemon and parsley

img003 (6)

Now if you look at the recipe above, you will see there is a massive typo which is most unusual for those days when proof-readers were usually first class! You see it tells you to bake it in the oven, skin it and cool it and place on a serving dish, before it is put in the baking dish with the other ingredients! Oh dear! I also wonder if it should have been 1 or 2 cloves, not 12; it would be overpowering with that many cloves!


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