The Moving Dragon Writes

It was in June this year that a couple of writing friend and I decided to start a blog, not just to share our work but to share the work of other writers; we called ourselves the Somerset Writers, because that is where we are from, but actually we are very flexible! We want to promote and share the work of writers of all sorts, writers of novels and short stories, poems and verse; people who write autobiographically or about particular subjects.

Our blog is The Moving Dragon Writes, and we’ve had some marvellous posts with many positive comments, ‘likes’ and shares. We’ve spread into social media too, rather tentatively as we don’t want to be involved in so much other work that we get distracted from our own personal writing.

Here is a post from Richard Kefford:

… and here is a poem from John Watts:

… and here is something from me:

We really do welcome any writers who want to share their work… get in touch if you do!!

If you’re interested Richard’s work, here is a link to his Amazon page

… and here is a link to mine:



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