Rage is good

I belong to two reading groups and we have a whole range of different books which we read; however, I have to confess that my favourite types of books are fiction, and detective stories, police procedurals or mysteries. I have a particular penchant for foreign writers at the moment, Icelandic authors such as Arnaldur Indriðason, Árni Þórarinsson, Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson and Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, and the Finnish writer, Jarkko Sipila.

My latest discovery is a Polish writer, Zygmunt Miłoszewski; I’m reading ‘Rage’, brilliantly translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones. The main character is a prosecutor, Teodor Szacki, and I have now found out that there are another two novels in the series, ‘Entanglement’ and ‘A Grain of Truth’. There’s nothing better than enjoying a book and finding out that the author has written more! Miłoszewski was born in 1976, and has written several other novels as well as the Szacki ones.

There is a compelling mystery in the story, about a pile of bones at first thought to be of a German soldier from the last World War, but then it’s discovered that in fact, they are from a man who was supposed to have gone travelling ten days ago. It’s a gripping narrative, the characters and the relationships are realistic, and intriguing, it’s fascinating to read about a country I know very little about, and also it has some really comic scenes. It is set in Olsztyn, a large city in the northeastern district of Warmian-Marsurian, and I’ve learnt from the novel that the city has fifteen lakes!

I am very aware that I owe my enjoyment not only to Miłoszewski, but to the translator; so often books in translation are utterly ruined – this one is so well “written” by translator Antonia Lloyd-Jones; she is a prize-winning literary translator, and justifiably so.

Here is a very interesting article about Lloyd-Jones and Miłoszewski:



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