Finding new writers

I mentioned a couple of days ago that two friends and I have started a blog to promote and share our work – but not just our work! There are so many people of all ages writing away, all sorts of writing, all sorts of genres and styles. For people who prophesised that the digital age and new technology would turn people into passive drones, how wrong could they be. It seems that people are more creative and imaginative than ever, and using technology has aided and enhanced what they do and produce.

My own handwriting is so terrible, reading anything I’ve written, particularly when I’m really in the flow, is almost impossible, and very frustrating! Also editing work is so much easier, and so much more accurate – I don’t use any on-line tools, but there are plenty to assist writers.

There seem to be writing groups everywhere, in the real world and on-line, and my friends and I belong to two; we also meet regularly to discuss our own work, and from this our blog ‘The Moving Dragon Writes’ was born, which you can find at

I mentioned the other day about how fortunate we’ve been with the writers who have shared their work, and we’re on a mission now to find more, poets, short story writers, novelists, dramatists, writers who defy a pigeon-hole…

Talking of pigeon holes, many years ago, having completed an MA in writing studies I applied to do a PhD and was asked what genre I wrote in… hard to define, and in a moment of truthful stupidity and thinking of a Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown is describing what pictures he sees in the clouds, I said ‘I’m a horsey and ducky sort of writer’… I meant I just tell stories without thinking of any particular genre… I didn’t get on the course so I’m not Dr Lois…

So back to us Moving Dragon Writers… we’re on a mission… to find more writers! To share their work! When I first started teaching in the west country, having taught in the north all my teaching life, one of the lads rushed out of class at the end of the lesson saying he was on a ‘phat mission’; it was a piece of youth idiom which I had never come across before, now long out of fashion, but forever more I shall think of a phat mission…

If you want to share your work on our blog – which we will link back to your own blog/site/page/Amazon page etc, just get in touch!


    1. Lois

      I actually don’t know – but i think it was drugs related! it just sounded so funny and really tickled me, so whenever I’m going off in search of something I think I must be on a phat mission! I think this particular bit of kid speak has gone out of fashion!


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