Sometimes something or someone catches your eye, sometimes you overhear a few words, a snatch of music, a peculiar sound, or a particular scent or aroma drifts past you on the breeze, and suddenly Boom! you have something you know you’re going to write about! it might be just a little something, a little scene, a small incident, bu it will be there… or maybe as sometimes happens a very small thing becomes a major part of what you are writing, like a tiny spark causing a huge forest fire, but not as disastrously I hope!

This afternoon we were in Nunney at the summer fair which takes over this small village in Somerset; I was wandering around as my husband got ready to play with his band, performing on the sward between the castle and the moat. I stood on the bridge over Nunney Brook and looked at the reflections in the water; the name Nunney, as with most English place names ending in ‘ey’, ‘ee’, ‘ea’ and ‘ae’ which refers to an isle, islet or island, originally meant Nunna’s island.

I looked more closely…

NUNNEY FAIR 2016 (7)Probably some child had pulled up some weeds and flung them in the water upstream, but this little spray of flowers triggered several writing thoughts!

Later I remembered that in one of Ann Cleeve’s books, there are flowers on water in a particular scene, although I think it was a sea pool not a river. When I write about this image, it will be very different!

If you haven’t read any of my books yet, to see where my inspiration leads, here is a link:


  1. David Lewis

    I was singing Those Were The Days in the shower yesterday at the YMCA and realized the meaning of the words after all the years that have passed have changed with me being older. I felt something I’ve never really felt before. More than sad. Much deeper. Where did the time go. Where did the dreams go.

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    1. Lois

      Oh… you seem sad… hugs!
      I guess we all have moments like that, maybe we always did at particular times… and I guess we all have thoughts about how much longer etc… Maybe we have to have different dreams now… xxx


  2. David Lewis

    I saw my first wife the other day and I guess that’s what triggered it. Gotta go pick some beer up and meet some buddies. Sorry for being so morose. Be better in a few hours.Thanks for the hugs!

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