Roads, streets and drives…

I realised it’s not enough for characters in my novels to just live in houses, the houses have to be described and be in a context, and with an address. So one of my people lives in Coldharbour Lane – it’s quite a common name for roads but no-one seems to know exactly what it might mean, however, my poor character has an unhappy home-life so the address suits his situation. The grandmother of the family lives in a large house called Slake House, and also has a grand property up on the moors called Slake Hall.

I got to thinking about the addresses I’ve lived at, and I’m not sure I can remember all of them – I moved about quite a lot when I was a student, as did most of us!

Discounting, my student life, this is what I can recall:

  • Metcalf Road – a flat
  • Harvey Goodwin Avenue – a semi-detached house
  • Burnham Drive – a detached split-level bungalow
  • Beech Road – an end terrace
  • Lawngreen Avenue – a second floor flat (or was it a first floor flat…)
  • Waterworks Road – a semi detached house
  • Spa Lane – a bungalow
  • Old Church Road – a bungalow
  • Thornbury Drive – a detached house

I have happy memories of living in all these different places, apart from one, which was a rather disappointing and sad time in my life but which fortunately didn’t last long!

One of the most memorable places I lived was in Beech Road in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester; a friend has written extensively about the very house where we lived. You will find out all about it, and very much more here:

… read this post and you may very well see me here!

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