Warm.light and comfortable

I cannot imagine anything more ghastly than knitted underwear; I know in difficult times, in 1946 after seven years of war and rationing everything was in short supply, but if I had been a handywoman, I think I would have made undies out of old shirts, rather than knit them… imagine how itchy! Imagine how hot!… Actually,, I don’t think I want to imagine much further than that…

In my old book ‘Knitting for All’ published in 1946, there are pages of knitted underwear ‘Brassière and knickers and variations of design, including Camiknickers‘ and for men ‘vest and pants‘… yes, knitted underpants for men… ‘warm, light and comfortable – the three essentials for men’s underwear are fulfilled in this knitted vest and pants set.

img003Doing the daily dozen. The active man needs underclothes that will fit and that will give him freedom of movement. The vest and pants set was designed along these lines. It is economical in material too, for it is knitted in 2-ply. The pants are fitted trimly into the waist and are finished with elastic braid.


  1. David Lewis

    They seem to be falling down by themselves lately. My belt is either too tight or too loose? Our bar owner says what I need is the Devils’ waistband. I think by that she means elastic. Funny cause when I work out I pay a lot of attention to my abs. Old age I guess because my Dad had the same problem.

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  2. David Lewis

    I’m likely going to hang myself trying to pull my pants on when I’ve had one too many with braces. Have you ever heard elastic called the Devils’ waistband before?


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