I love making soup and sometimes I think I like making it more than I like eating it! it is so easy and needs such a minimal amount of different ingredients, an is really easy to rescue if it goes wrong.

  • Too watery? Thicken it with pulses or cornflour or ordinary flour or cream or potato
  • Too thick? Dilute it with water or stock or wine or left-over beer or wine or milk or cream or beer or cold tea… or wine… or beer…
  • Tasteless? Open the cupboard and throw in anything which comes to hand
  • Doesn’t taste right? See above
  • Looks insipid? Look in the baking department and find some vegetable colouring – or add beetroot
  • Lumpy? Put it in the blender
  • Slimy? throw in something lumpy like peas or sweetcorn or lentils… (slimy is the most difficult thing to rectify)
  • Too spicy hot? Add yoghurt, cream, milk, potato, dilute
  • Too salty? Add potato
  • Not enough? Raid the fridge, freezer, tinned goods
  • Too much? Freeze (but remember to label it – it’s a bit disconcerting to think you’re defrosting stewed apple and its soup – or vice-versa)

Look at the colour!





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