Meadows in clouded moonlight

We’ve had several days of rain after a week of proper summer weather; I try o convince myself that the garden will appreciate it, and all the birds and creatures… but i still wan t summer to be summer! Hot days, warm nights, windows open, shorts and sandals…

The Irish poet Thomas Caulfield Irwin is probably better known in Ireland but he has written some lovely sonnets, so evocative; here he captures walking beneath trees at the ‘close of a rainy day:

Meadows in clouded moonlight

Into the wood at close of rainy day
I walk, dim cloud above, green leaves around;
Upon the humid air only the sound
Of drop on drop stirring the stillness grey:
Almost I hear the rose leaves fall away
Too heavily weighed with damp to cling o’er-blown
To their wet branches straggling o’er the copse;
Until the faint waved twilight airs entone
Tide-like along the blossom’d beech tree-tops;
And amid showers and flowers scattering, alone
Pass from the fresh dusk solitude among
Meadows in clouded moonlight, glimmeringly
Seen like the low blue hills; and hear the song
Of the last bird, and wash of the cool sea.


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