… connections very much…

We were just wandering down the main street in Lewis, we had been past all the little old houses, very old, centuries old, and we had entered a more modern parade of shops, when we heard some wonderful music, gentle, compelling, moving, interesting, and hurrying towards its source we came across a musician, a magical musician. He was young, he was serious, he was focused, he was wonderful!

DSCN2695This rather pale photo doesn’t do him justice!

We stood, captivated, with a crowd of other people, and when he finished his piece there was a round of applause, which I’m not sure buskers hear very often. He was playing the violin, but as you see he had a sort of horn; round his ankle he had bells which he used percussively, and he also vocalised with the mic, not words but sounds.

I can’t find out very much about him, but that makes him more magical… here is what he says of himself on his Facebook page:

I am musician travelling world on wings of magic. My music is fusion of Celtic-classical-gypsy-bluesy violin, folky guitar, didgeridoo and percussion… 🙂

I bought his CD, and we wandered on, and I felt rather sorry for the other buskers who really couldn’t compete!

Find him here:


…and his music here:



… his CD is called ‘…connections very much…‘ and the instruments he plays are violin, didgeridoo, cello, guitar, ukulele, cajon and djembe.

He reminded me of another magical man I once saw, in Spain:


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