Going back

There is nothing worse than going back to a place or a person who you used to love and have such a close connection with, only to find that they have changed or you have changed – which is the worse disappointment? I reposted a true story the other day about an exhibition I had been to when I was a teenager and had never forgotten, the paintings or the artist who had, at the time, reminded me of Steve McQueen… he had another exhibition last year, and not only was his work pretty ghastly, but he didn’t look remotely like Steve!

I was born and brought up in Cambridge, a city I loved… I rarely go back to the city itself, what I remember no longer exists and what is in its place has little appeal, overrun with traffic and new buildings and shopping centres.

One place I have known for over twenty years and still takes my breath away is the Antrim coast of Northern Ireland, and indeed, much of Northern Ireland itself! There has been massive, monumental change in the province, and yet it still retains its loveliness and special qualities. The memories of happy times in the past are overlaid with new experiences and new excitement! Maybe one day I will return and it will have lost its specialness… but, maybe its Irish magic will last forever!

DSCN2629The Guildhall, Derry

DSCN2643How many hours have I spent on this beach?!

DSCN2654The Town Hall, Coleraine



  1. Bill Hayes

    I losley quote from Bill Bryson’s “Adventures in a Lost Continent” where he returns to his Grandmas house onoly to find the whoole area has descended into a kind of barbarism. He said, as he drove away that it is not often in life that you leave a place knowing you will never ever return. “I realised” he said” that there are three things inthe world you can never do; you can’t ever cheat the phone company, you can’t catch a waiter’s eye until he is ready to see you and you can’t go back home”

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    1. Lois

      You should write some of your stories – I have another blog where we share other people’s writing, I’m sure you’d be a hit! This has set off a train of thought for me… you never know… I might beat you to it with this story!


  2. lynnee8

    You are right! I lived on Mykonos for 18 months way back in the ’80s. I haven’t been back since because I know it has changed so much, and the people I knew are no longer there. It would be too disappointing to go back!

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