Don’t use your brakes, change gear

I try to remain calm when I’m driving, and concentrate on what I’m doing and stay safe; however sometimes it’s impossible to ignore other drivers… not just drivers who do silly things, but drivers who are annoying. Annoying drivers who may not be breaking any laws and maybe driving within the Highway Code can, I’m sure cause mishaps and accidents because others find them so frustrating, yes, I know the other driver should be patient and calm… but…

I was driving home from meeting a friend and was behind a small car, and I could see the small car had a small elderly driver wearing a flat cap; nothing wrong with flat caps, but I do notice that annoying drivers often have flat caps. I was driving behind him in a 30 mph zone; I kept my distance, at a sedate 25 mph, the speed he was driving – but gosh, did he love his brake pedal! Oh there’s a traffic cone… brake! Goodness a cyclist on the other side of the road… brake! Heck a bit of broken plastic, very small about the size of a dinner plate on the road… brake! The traffic cone and plastic also involved a swerve.

We moved out of 30 and up to 40 mph, and there was a moment when he did actually reach 38, but soon dropped back. I had no great hope of much when we reached an open, straight, clear, 50 mph carriageway… and I wasn’t disappointed, he did touch 40 a couple of times, but soon dropped back to his 30’s comfort zone. All of this was accompanied by constant flashes of his brake lights, sometimes for no apparent reason. we got to a long slight downhill section, did he change gear? No he didn’t, brakes on all the way. A gentle curve in the road, brakes, a set of traffic lights several hundred yards ahead, brakes on all the way. We approached a cross-road with traffic lights, they were green, he slowed right down, on his brakes, and crept across, even though there was no other traffic in sight.

There was no safe place for me to pass him, and so I just sat back and followed, noticing in my rear-view mirror the build up of traffic behind us. I wasn’t in a hurry and it was a hot day, I couldn’t pass so I waited – but I can imagine other drivers might have been tempted to, if they were in a hurry, or late, or had been held up already… The flat-cap driver was safe, but he was so irritating!

The featured photo is of my first little car… it didn’t dawdle!


  1. David Lewis

    Your story shows a good reason to always leave yourself some extra time to arrive at your destination just in case. I followed a real slow car once that appeared to have no driver at all. When I pulled alongside there was a driver. A little old lady that was just about able to peer over the steering wheel. Good for a laugh.

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