The azure-coloured gates

I can’t find much about Richard Lynche or Linche, who was a contemporary of Shakespeare; all I can find out is that he wrote sonnets and was born in 1540 and died in 1610.   He also write a longer poem, ‘Diella and The Love of Dom Diego and Ginevra’, and was a translator from Italian (and maybe other languages) including ‘The Fountaine of Ancient Fiction: done out of Italian into English’ from a work by Vincenzo Cartari, in 1599. In 1601 he also wrote ‘An Historical Treatise of Noah into Europe’

Soon as the azure-coloured gates of th’ east

Soon as the azure-coloured gates of th’ east
Were set wide open by the watchful morn,
I walked abroad, as having took no rest
(For nights are tedious to a man forlorn);
And viewing well each pearl-bedewéd flower,
Then waxing dry by splendour of the sun,
All scarlet-hued I saw him ‘gin to lour
And blush, as though some heinous act were done.
At this amazed, I hied me home again,
Thinking that I his anger causéd had.
And at his set, abroad I walked again;
When lo, the moon looked wondrous pale and sad:
Anger the one, and envy moved the other,
To see my love more fair than Love’s fair mother.

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