Things I would like to change about my town

If I had a magic wand, what would I do to improve Weston-super-Mare. I wasn’t born here, I have not lived most of my life here, but I did live here for two years when I was sixteen, and we have lived back here since 2001, and in the years between I have always stayed connected with my family and friends here.

So how, in my opinion could just little things improve the town?

  • There is a road into the town from the south, from the M5 and from southern Somerset; it is a single road which leads visitors in to drive along the sea front… which is great, they get a lovely view, but then a single set of pedestrian controlled traffic lights causes a queue which on sunny summer days in particular, causes a queue and congestion stretching back almost to the motorway junction. To make matters worse, there is then another set of traffic lights  not even fifty yards further on which is never in synch with the pedestrian crossing. Change the pedestrian crossing! Build a bridge over the road if necessary, but let all the lovely visitors coming into the town in to spend their money and keep our rates down and keep our businesses flourishing and our people with jobs! It would also help to have a park and ride area near the motorway junction.
  • There is another road which comes in from the east, bringing more people in off the same motorway, but these are people from Wales, from the Midlands and the north, from London and the east. The motorway junction, which is quite well designed also has the main road from Bristol crossing it, so there is all the Bristol traffic. There is a decent town bye-pass to bring the traffic into the town… but why bring it in? Why not have a park and ride scheme by the junction? It would generate money, give lots of bus-drivers employment, you could have all the usual facilities in terms of coffee shops, ice-cream parlours, etc which hot and weary visitors might appreciate, information centre about all the things a visitor could enjoy in Weston, details of accommodation… Sounds like a money-spinner to me, and keep traffic out of the town
  • Keeping on the traffic management scheme theme, our little village, and several others which are very close to Weston (some have been subsumed into the town) suffer from excess traffic; it’s not the residents and the visitors it’s all the other people who park here and leave their cars all day in our narrow little streets. if there were park and ride schemes as mentioned above this would help to an extent… but even so the  streets are little more than lanes, and when people park (sometimes outside their own homes which they have every right to do) it becomes almost impossible to drive through without a lot of reversing, pulling in, driving through what is a virtual chicane… easy solution, make a one-way system. In our little village, in the road which leads into our cul-de-sac, as well as residents parking, teachers and staff from the big junior school round the corner park, more teachers from another school actually on the road park, and staff and visitors from the hospice park… both these places have large wagons and buses visiting, also the road is on a bus route… imagine a double-decker bus along here, especially when it is refuse collection day… oh and at the moment there are roadworks all along as they put in new gas pipes…
  • Weston College is a very successful college, and well done… but it seems to be taking over the town; the Winter Gardens, described as ‘a neo-Georgian pavilion originally completed in 1927 and included extensive gardens, a tennis court and a putting green’ has been taken over by the college and will be its new law faculty… how will this benefit the majority of the population? If the Winter Gardens wasn’t bringing in the punters it didn’t have to be sold for £1 – yes, one pound, one whole pound, £1, I have not made a typo, it didn’t have to be sold to the college, it could have had investment and development as an entertainment complex, to benefit Westoners and visitors alike… Where could the college go? Very near the railway station is the old gas works site – empty of anything to do with gas, which is a large area which could have accommodated a wonderful complex of buildings, and a college car park – for the students to park their cars and not bring them into the town. It’s about a ten minute walk from the centre, it is near other facilities such as supermarkets, gyms etc…
  • If the old gasworks site isn’t to be used for a college (which it isn’t because they are already redeveloping the Winter Gardens) they could build a swimming pool – there is a pool already, very well-used, but its not very accessible to holiday makers as it is a drive out of the town centre. Having a pool complex right in the town would be a great attraction for visitors and much loved and used by Westoners.
  • Build more public toilets, especially along the sea front, with attendants to look after them; the Victorians and Edwardian built public loos, they have been turned into cafés… yes… that’s right…

OK… grumble over!


  1. David Lewis

    One way streets ruined our downtown business district.That and the fact that there is little parking space. The large malls have stolen the show seeing they are all under one roof and we have four months of snow.

    Liked by 1 person

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