Letting go…

I published my novel ‘Lucky Portbraddon’ exactly a week ago today; I thought about the story before I ever began to write it; I was inspired by stories my husband told me about bands he’s been in which broke up in sometimes acrimonious sometimes hilarious circumstances, and I’d also seen the break up, reforming, intermission and back on the road again story of a favourite band..,. this coupled with having  a wonderful family of cousins with whom I go on holiday every year, led me to imagine another family… The Portbraddons.

The name Portbraddon is made up, but derived from a tiny little village on the North Antrim coast, Portbradden. Like bands and families, the Portbraddons are very close at the beginning of the novel, but one event triggers a break up and reassessment of their relationships with each other. I had these ideas for a couple of years before I actually began to write it about ten years ago. I finished it in about 2010 but it’s only since January this year that I have been working on the novel. The people in it have been with me every day, pretty much all the time for the nine months since then.

Now I have launched the Portbraddons, I have no control over their lives, they are out there, independent… but somehow it is very difficult to let them go. In my head the events of the story, conversations, things which happened still replay, and the story of what happens to them in their future continues in my mind even though the last word has been written and the file is closed. One of the characters begins to date his young daughter’s teacher, and although he will never love her as he loves his ex-wife, he does find a sort of happiness with her. The three sisters who were so troublesome and difficult in different ways, begin to settle and then blossom into strong and independent young women. Maybe there is a late and unexpected but very welcome pregnancy; maybe a second marriage becomes enduring and happier than anyone on the outside could imagine or believe. However, two of the characters, who maybe I like the best, and care about most, do not find happiness together, they love each other and always will but they are not destined to be together…

Now, I must let go… Now I must move on… Now I must engage with my next people…

In the meantime, if you want to find about these people who have become so dear to me, or read any of my other novels, here is a link:



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