Buddy car

I was driving over to Bath today, not a difficult journey but a bit up and down and  a bit wiggledy windy; I’ve driven the route so many times, there isn’t any problems about finding my way so I was able to tootle along quite nicely. I crossed over the A38, the main non-motorway road going into the southwest, and carried on along the A368 straight to Bath and within a few miles I came up behind another car, a Dacia Duster.

The Duster cracked along at a fair old pace, quite within the speed limit and quite safely, and I was able to zoom along behind – keeping a safe distance of course. This meant that he was going round the wiggledy windy roads a hundred yards in front of me which in turn meant that I knew in advance if anything was coming towards us or if I needed to slow down for any reason. As a result it was a nice easy drive, as I just followed by Duster buddy. We went all the way to Bath together, and eventually parted company when he headed into the city centre and I continued east on my journey.  The driver probably didn’t even notice me, but as we went our separate ways I sent  a silent mental cheerio to him or her, thanks buddy!

My featured pic has nothing to do with driving, but it’s some buskers in Bath.

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