Taking the new camera to Bridgwater

bridgwater-sept-2016-17Looking across the river to the elegant buildings along West Quay; the quays were originally built in 1424, but have undergone much redevelopment over the intervening years.

bridgwater-sept-2016-19Eastover Bridge across the River Parrrett, tide coming in at a lick! East Gate stood across the river where Broadway meets Eastover, so named because it was on the east of Bridgwater across the river

bridgwater-sept-2016-1Flowers along the West Quay

bridgwater-sept-2016-9Angel Crescent, built in 1816

And now for something completely different:

bridgwater-sept-2016-10…strange birds!

bridgwater-sept-2016-4… a slimmer’s dream? Or maybe not!!



  1. David Lewis

    My chum at the YMCA asked his wife what she wanted for her birthday She said something shiny and red that would go from 0 to 200 in three seconds, so he bought her a new bathroom scale. He wants me to put him up for a few weeks or longer.

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