The quarry fell silent

Up above our town of Weston-super-Mare, there is an old disused quarry; originally, when the town was just a small fishing village, it was used by the local people. The Town Quarry, however became a noisy and industrialised place in the nineteenth century, when it was  worked for the stone to build the rapidly expanding Victorian seaside town. The quarry fell silent  as quarrying ceased in the 1950’s.

This was not the end however; in the 1980’s Weston Civic Society received a  grant from the local council to lease  the site and it is now a nature reserve with a working blacksmith, and art studios in the old quarry buildings. There is a great café and it’s a popular place to visit to see exhibitions, and to have a cup of coffee, cake or lunch.

quarry-29-09-13Flowersquarry-29-09-17The old quarry buildings, now the blacksmith works there

quarry-29-09-18… and old stone bucket

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