Spinach, feta… what can I make?

The week before last I was bombarded by photos from Turkey, pictures of food, breakfasts of eggs and spicy sausage, lunches of salads with fish and meat cooked in special ovens and on grills, coffee and tea and pastries, savoury and sweet, cakes, Turkish delight, and dinners… which actually surpassed any sort of description. I love good food, and I think I love good Turkish food above all… and Turkish wine is fabulous too!

I’ve written in the past about a great Turkish cook and food writer, Ozlem Warren, so I went back to Ozlem’s site and looked through at all the delicious recipes… in the fridge I had a big bag of spinach, and I also had some feta cheese… so how about making some Ispanakli Peynirli borek…

Which I did! The easiest and tastiest thing you can imagine – my photos don’t really do it justice!


Here is a link to Ozlem’s site, Ozlem’s Turkish Table, and another straight to the recipe:




    1. Lois

      Yes – it’s filo – I bought it, I don’t think I’m clever enough to make it, it has to be so thin you can read through it! These tasted jolly good, and I’m sure they must be low in calories too!


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