Tales from the Strangled Ferret, euphonic writing, and more from the Moving Dragon

It was the beginning of summer, and three of us writing friends got together to talk about promoting and sharing our work and that of others in our writing groups. It seemed that although I have a blog, many people who are keen writers and poets have nowhere, apart from our little groups, to share and showcase their work. We began to think that having another blog not just for us as individuals but for other people to be able to put our their stories, verse, reviews, travelogues… their writing!

We are based in Somerset so we think of ourselves as Somerset writers, but for a blog, the borders became very elastic – in fact they go on forever! We decided that we should call our blog The Moving Dragon Writes and we invited all the writers we knew to share their work if they would like to. Everything is linked back to people’s own sites, social media pages, Amazon pages if they have them

Since then we have had such fun and had some really fantastic posts! Short stories – some very short and some rather longer, poems, verse and euphonic writing, food blogs, travel blogs, geology  blogs, history, music, book reviews, stories for children, Tales from the Strangled Ferret… it has been amazing!

Most blogs grow their audience quite slowly, especially as eclectic as we are, but we have been amazed at the  number of views, likes and comments that we have received. We have branched into social media too and have a facebook page and we also tweet regularly.

Have a look and see for yourself:





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