Driving in Somerset

Things you see while driving in Somerset

  • the back of the tractor you’re following
  • proximity to the nearside wall/hedge as you pull into let the scary looking and monster farm thing with nasty spikes pass you
  • the heard of cows crossing the road in front of you… occasionally they get fed up and wander off up the road – pull your wing mirrors in if you can
  • signs for cream tea
  • fresh Somerset strawberries for sale
  • signs for PYO – not a variety of fruit as my husband thought but ‘pick your own’
  • lots of horse riders on their horses, most are polite and wave their thanks and smile as you slow to overtake or let them come past in the opposite direction, some of them pull faces as if we drivers shouldn’t be on the public roads, some ride in gaggles so you can’t get past for mile after mile
  • slow school buses bringing children in from outlying farms and villages
  • road works where at each end of the operation stands a bored chap with a lollipop – STOP on one side GO on the other… since mobile phones it’s not been quite as boring for them
  • road signs hidden by foliage, or turned to point the wrong way, or broken so you only see half of it
  • ice-cream vans parked in lay-byes to tempt you
  • as well as sheep and cows, the occasional llama and alpaca… if you’re near Glastonbury you might also see an occasional lama
  • unexpected hills – Somerset is a very varied county
  • signs for farm brewed cider
  • loads and loads of orchards as cider is now really popular and there is a new Thatcher’s factory in Sandford
  • Sandford… but not the one in ‘Hot Fuzz’, that’s Wells
  • funny names of villages…no doubt the villagers are utterly sick of people laughing at them – the names not the villagers…

…and here is a selection of funny Somerset names, and apologies to anyone who lives in them, sorry I think they are funny:

  •  Ashbeer
  • Ashbrittle
  • Bawdrip
  • Bleadon
  • Blue Anchor
  • Burtle
  • Cad Green
  • Charlton Mackrell
  • Chedzoy
  • Chesterblade
  • all the chews – Chew Magna, Chew Stoke, Chewton Keynsham, Chewton Mendip, Cricket Malherbie
  • the crickets – Cricket St Thomas, , Curry Mallet, Curry Rivel
  • Farrington Gurney
  • Hare
  • Haselbury Plucknett
  • Hornblotton
  • Huish, Huish Champflower,Huish Episcopi
  • Isle Abbots and  Isle Brewers
  • Marston Bigot
  • Middlezoy
  • Mudford Sock
  • Nempnett Thrubwell
  • Oath
  • Preston Plucknett
  • Priddy
  • Publow
  • Queen Camel
  • Simonsbath
  • Sock Dennis
  • St Cuthbert Out
  • St Decumans
  • Stogumber
  • Stogursey
  • lots of stokes –  Stoke Pero, Stoke St Gregory, Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Stoke St Mary, Stoke St Michael, Stoke-sub-Hamdon
  • Ubley
  • Uphill
  • Up Mudford
  • Vellow, Vobster and Vole – they sound like a small practice of country solicitors or estate agents

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