Autumn comes to the Baltic Wharf

We went back to our favourite place again, the Underfall yard; we went with friends, parked up and wandered around, then strolled along Baltic Wharf towards Wapping Wharf.

As usual with me, I got to wondering about the word ‘wapping’ as there is also a Wapping in London. I can’t find what it means, but the London Wapping’s name was first recorded c.1220 and it may have come from something meaning ‘the settlement of Wæppa’s people’… Ii guess ther might have been another chief in this area also called Wæppa, or maybe it was just named after it’s London counterpart.

It was a pleasant day, but grey and slightly chilly; we remarked that it wasn’t just the slight breeze, nor the lowering skies, the quality of the air had changed… It’s definitely autumn now!

underfall-bristol-07-10-9 underfall-bristol-07-10-11 underfall-bristol-07-10-13

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