Pardon me

Sometimes you hear a lyric which, regardless of the melody just catches your imagination, and triggers some response, either a memory or an imaginative inspiration. Suddenly you are there in a scene – maybe it is somewhere you have visited before, maybe it is somewhere you have never been. maybe you are there as yourself, maybe you are there as a completely different character, or you are observing a different character. Sometimes it triggers a familiar emotion, revisits something you have been through or observed, sometimes it is something new, but which you can imagine with an unexpected clarity. Sometimes, if you are creative, a writer, a poet an artist, a musician, it suggests something which is so vivid you have to leap to you pen, your paint brush, your instrument and respond.

On February 17, 2015, the Mavericks released their album ‘Mono’, and the third track is ‘Pardon Me’; it isn’t just the music, nor even the wonderful, sensational, truly moving lyric, nor the plaintive and original melody of the song, it is the voice of Raul Malo the singer, which conveys the emotion, the heartbreak, and the believable story of this song.

Have a look at the video… starring Raul:

and here is a review:

and here is the stunning video:


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