Round Britain Baking

I’ve had a great idea to replace the soon to be sadly missed Great British Bake-Off. Since the BBC can’t have a show which is similar, ie no tent, no title etc, but they do have, apparently, Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, they are now looking I presume for a new formula for some sort of show.

How about a baking competition show (there can’t be any copy-write on that) where each week the contestants are in a different area of the country and have to bake regional deliciousness from wherever they are. I know this was how the first series ran, but I’m sure it could be updated. Each year would be in a  village from that area, and the actual contest would take place not in a tent, but a village hall. Different areas might also have different groups who cook, Women’s Institutes, Townswomen’s Guilds, U3A, clubs, societies, and there could be a little item on the show featuring a local group. There could still be different cooking elements, but instead of a showstopper there could be something which represented an area – eg a croquembouche Blackpool Tower, a cake representing a London landmark – the Bloody Tower, the Shard, the London Eye, a sponge Stonehenge… I’m sure you get the picture.

So here are some suggestions…

  1. the Highlands and the Lowlands
  2. the northeast of England
  3. the northwest of England
  4. Northern Ireland Belfast, coasts and glens
  5. Northern Ireland, central, Sperrins and lakes
  6. the English Midlands
  7. Wales – north and west coast
  8. Wales – borders, midlands and south
  9. East Anglia
  10. London and the southeast
  11. the south
  12. the southwest
  13. islands – Scottish Isles, Isle of Man, isle of Wight, Channel islands etc

Each year the order would change, so each area would have a chance to host the final; I’m not suggesting there should be a competitor for each region, there should be competitors chosen as they are now, to have people with personalities, men and women, different ages, different backgrounds…

I’m going to have to think some more about suggestions for the specialities which might be baked in each region… but I think they would have to cover different types of baking… Hmmm, I must think about it before I write to the BBC!

My featured image is our pub, the Dolphin which could be one of the rounds, bake your local pub! Plenty of scope for icing, marzipan and other details!

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