Back to Burnham

Burnham-on-Sea, or just plain Burnham, is a small town in Somerset, just south of where we live. We visit it quite often, and always find something of int erst. England. It is situated where River Parrett runs into Bridgwater Bay. Burnham was a small fishing village until the late eighteenth century, when like its neighbour, our town of Weston-super-Mare, it grew because as it became more popular as a seaside resort, especially when the railways reached it.

Like Weston, and the coast up to the mouth of the Severn, and across the channel in Wales, it was devastated by  floods of 1607; it’s always been vulnerable to the sea and even today measures are put in place – the present curved concrete wall was completed in 1988.


In 1855 the National School Establishment was built on the Esplanade by George Reed; he was one of the most important men in Burnham at the time, and also built two fine terraces at the end of the North Esplanade; these were known as Julia Terrace and Catherine Terrace  named after his daughters.  He was built the Reed’s Arms, which for a while was known as the Queen’s Hotel.


Wandering around, you can find some delightful little properties, now quite spruced up and desirable!

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