The dilemma…

Tomorrow is November 1st, All Souls day, and it is also the first day of the national Novel Writing Month – an on-line challenge to write 50,000 words of a new novel… I have done it for the past two, or is it three, years and it has been really helpful and useful. However, this year, i just feel a bit wrung out of writing… I’m still writing every day, here and a novel I’m working on provisionally called ‘Earthquake’… But can I take on the extra work of over 1500 words a day for thirty days – I’m also going to be away for a long weekend, and going to Kent at some point for a couple of days… so it will be 50,000 in 25 days… which I reckon is 2,000 words a day…

I did have various ideas for various new stories, but I’ve had them for a while so really they are old ideas… I have the plot of a story I wrote a long time ago which I want to write completely new, updating it in all sorts of ways and completely rewriting the ending… but I don’t particularity want to do that…

Perhaps I should just open a new document tomorrow and start writing and see what happens… I haven’t actually signed up for this year…

Hmm, let’s see what November 1st brings…

November 1st is also:

  • the 305th day of the year
  • the birth day of L.S.Lowery and Edmund Blunden
  • the day Phil Silvers died, and Jacques Picard the oceanographer
  • Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere
  • and Nicholas II became the last Tsar of Russia

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