Off to work

img_20161103_0001I was speaking to a friend today who asked how I wrote my stories. She said when I sat down with that blank screen in front of me, what did I do, where did I get my ideas? Well, I explained, my ideas don’t exactly come like that, not for my stories at any rate!

I guess it’s things I observe, or notice, or random thoughts which come into my head, or something I see and puzzle over… for example, a picture like the one above I would begin to wonder not just when it was  taken (looking at clothes, and the men not wearing hats and the type of bus, and the style of glasses) but I would look at the faces – the man with the moustache at the front looks serious and maybe sinister – the man beside him looks in shock – has he realised he’s lost all his money betting? the woman just behind them looks serious, she’s thinking about something, not someone… should she leave her job and take her savings and travel the world? There’s a woman with a large bag – has she stopped still? Has she suddenly realised something? has she picked up someone else’s bag by mistake? There are two men looking at the camera further back, a man with glasses and a coat over his arm and a big man who may have a beard. Are they undercover police officers, have they recognised the person taking the photo as someone they are ‘interested ‘ in? Will he turn and flee as soon as he has taken the shot – or are they a pair of criminals, who realise they have been spotted?

So many thoughts, and ideas… before long they coalesce into something and a story begins to get written!


  1. Sheila

    I love looking at photos like this and wondering what their lives were like – how different or similar they were, and what their thoughts might have been. If you stare at it long enough, you just might time travel. 🙂


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