So what did we talk about in the Dolphin tonight?

You might think we are in the Dolphin our local pub and the best pub in the world every night… well, we aren’t… Tuesday and Sunday and maybe another night, or couple of nights… And it being Sunday we were there tonight. We wandered down at about 9:30ish, a dry pleasant night, but no super moon visible.

We walked in and our down the road neighbour Shirley, sister Maureen and friend Jean were sitting at the table by the door. While my beloved went to the bar, I chatted to our friends, telling them about my connections to Tasmania, and what a brilliant place it is – so many wonderful things to do and see, plus 20+ distilleries, breweries, vineyards, cheese producers – oh and the scenery and interesting places… I was called to the bar where Tom our estimable man behind the bar was telling us about Canadian maple syrup flavoured whisky. He is Canadian and had returned there and come back with some of the whisky, and I have to say, it was very good.

Our friends, the two T’s, Trev and Tim arrived, and we sat in our usual places and had our usual wide-ranging talk about all sorts of different things. We talked about Canada since we had just tried the whisky and both of them had been there – and we talked about Tim Horton’s the coffee shops, which coincidentally is our Tim’s name. We caught up on our news – Tim’s extension, car insurance and tax, family, holidays, Christmas plans. There was a lot of chat between my husband and Trev about aircraft, especially those used on aircraft carriers, and the ship crew who had to service them, and the dangers they faced. There were all sorts of anecdotes about our various jobs at different times of our lives, and then another T, terry, joined us and we talked of quinces and wine making.

Much, much more before time was called by Tom and we hugged and said goodnight and set off home… chatting as we walked down the middle of the quiet village street.


  1. David Lewis

    I can’t believe you didn’t ask them if they knew Dave from Sault Ste.Marie. By the way Tim Hortons’ coffee is only good if your constipated and my wife thinks that they put chicory in it. Hate the stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lois

      Our friend Tim Horton will shrug his shoulders, and probably agree! I’ve known our Tim H for nearly twenty years and didn’t realise there was a coffee named after him 😉 – I was so excited when I first saw it… but no-one else was as they all knew already!


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