Oh yum!… and so easy!

Every so often you come across a delicious looking recipe, which seems impossibly easy. I found a post on ‘Simply Made Kitchen and Crafts’ for peanut butter loaf… which was made out of peanut butter… oh and eggs… just that – well, a little vinegar and baking powder, but honestly that was it! Surely, there was some mistake, surely something had been left out, it looked so lovely and so yummy!

Being very fond of peanuts and peanut butter, and having a gluten-free member of my writing group (I mean of course that her diet needs to be gluten-free!!) I decided to make one of these loaves, and set to with my jar of peanut butter and my eggs; it took about five minutes to make, I popped it in the oven, wondering if perhaps I should have added something else, but when I put the light on and  looked through the glass door it was rising beautifully! It came out of the oven looking wonderful, and later I sliced it up for the writing group. My loaf seemed a little dry so I put butter on the slices.

At coffee/tea break the group fell upon it as if they had been starved, and it disappeared in a flash. Luckily I had only put out half of it and my husband was able to offer it to his art group this afternoon.


If you would like to make this – here is the link (there are other nice looking recipes there too!):


The loaf here looks much nicer than mine – obviously I need to practice! Oh good!


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