I knew there were a lot of popular songs called ‘Angel’ or ‘Angels’ or with the word in the title, but I didn’t realise there were nearly a hundred; looking through the list there were thirty odd whose artist I knew, and from those maybe a half-dozen of actual songs I knew… plus some other artists not on the list who sang dreary dirges about angels… oh, I’ve given it away, most of the songs which have angel in the title in my biased opinion are pretty ghastly – even those by singers I like! And even those which aren’t dreary dirges, like Annie Lennox, I really just don’t like.

Just about the only exception is Willie Nelson… and here is his song by Raul Malo…

…and here are the artists I have heard of…, none as good as Willie or Raul:

  1. Aerosmith song
  2. a-ha
  3. Akon song
  4. Aretha Franklin song
  5. The Corrs
  6. Eurythmics
  7. Fleetwood Mac
  8. Jimmi Hendrix
  9. JJ Cale
  10. Madonna
  11. Massive Attack
  12. “Natasha Bedingfield
  13. Pharrell Williams
  14. Shaggy
  15. “Yoko Ono
  16. Bruce Springsteen
  17. “Robbie Williams
  18. ” Dave Matthews Band
  19. “Elvis Presley
  20. Erasure
  21.  Everything but the Girl
  22. Happy Mondays
  23. Jack Johnson
  24. Judas Priest
  25. Leona Lewis
  26. Lionel Richie
  27. “Rod Stewart,
  28. Sarah Brightman,
  29.  Jeff Beck
  30. Buffy Sainte-Marie
  31. Diddy
  32.  Limp Bizkit
  33. ” Owl City
  34.  Tori Amos

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