Telling tales

I sometimes think my head is too full of words – I think this when I forget where I’m going and go somewhere else by mistake because something interesting is going on inside my head, I think this when I forget to be where I’m supposed to be, or forget to do something I’m supposed to do, and I think this as the hours flash by as I write – at the moment it’s my next Radwinter story, my ‘And the river…‘ piece for the National Novel Writing Month Challenge (50, 000 words of a new novel in November – I’m only a third of the way to that target which means a heck of a lot of words between now and the 30th!) it’s my blog here and the blog I have with two friends The Moving Dragon Writes, and something each month for my writing group (yesterday it was something about the cosmos, cosmology and/or humour) and preparation for the two writing groups I actually lead… which you must admit all involves an awful lot of words.

However, I have an idea, which I have mentioned here before about starting another writing group,. this time for people to think of how they might write their own life stories and how they might tell the stories of their family, and the ancestors – some of whom some people might have found through their interest in genealogy and family history.

Genealogy is very exciting, and utterly absorbing to those who are doing it, finding out an ancestor might have been a fellmonger, or had a deaf and dumb brother who died in prison (or maybe an asylum) because he was supposed to have murdered the village school mistress, nearly hacking off her head… But when you come to tell someone, a son or daughter, a cousin’s grandchild, or any one else in the family, then the answer is often a slightly polite ‘oh, mmm, interesting...’ and a glazed look. But creating a story, imagining what the woman who fell through the ice while skating was wearing, or the conversation between two grandparents who met for the first time – maybe sitting next to each other at a concert, or walking in the park, or strolling along a promenade (we’ll never know but we can imagine) suddenly makes the story more interesting and can put over the facts as well – embroidered maybe, but the facts all the same.

Maybe next spring I will see if there is any interest from people to write their history, tell their stories – I wouldn’t poaching people from other interest groups, I wouldn’t be telling or helping people how to find out about their ancestors, but to suggest ways to present what they’ve found out… Maybe next spring!

PS a fellmonger used to work with and deal in furs and skins

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