Small and select… the writing group today

My second writing group has suddenly swollen in numbers – I say second only because I had a writing group, and then there was so much interest that I’ve started a second one! A few months ago, everyone who had expressed even a slight interest turned up, and I ended up sitting on the floor and others were on chairs from the dining room!

I knew a couple of people couldn’t come today, one poorly, one had an engagement she couldn’t miss, one is no longer available on the day we meet, so I printed off six sets of prompts for next month’s topic which is ‘Winter’ – they can write anything they like about or inspired by winter, in any form – or they can write about whatever they fancy, writing is the important thing!

We are seeing the effects of Storm Angus, and there are floods all around from the continuous rain, so I guessed some people might not make it, and also unexpected things crop up, so when three arrived I was very pleased to see them.

We had a general chat and catch-up; one of my writers has taken up the National Novel Writing Challenge of attempting to write 50,000 words of a new piece of work in the month of November. She has done brilliantly, and is storming ahead and will definitely meet the target, and maybe even pass it! I had to confess I’m lagging… but we had both decided to write a similar thing, but approaching it differently – our own life stories.

The NaNo writer shared part of her story, about travelling to Australia on a ship – very descriptive and evocative, and well brought to life.

A newish member of the group read a very gripping story, based on a true event, about an elderly lady, a would-be burglar, and a light bulb. She writes very elegantly and economically, and has a good sense of the pace of the story, which had a satisfactory and unexpected conclusion!

Our only man  shared a story, maybe the beginning of something longer, which was fictitious, but had a connection to his own life-story, which was interesting. Set in Ireland it was very atmospheric, and we all agreed we definitely wanted to know more… what happened next?!

I read part of my own NaNo story, an episode from my father’s life which took place on the morning of his call-up in 1939.

The rain had abated somewhat by the time the session was over; however the NaNo writer’s husband couldn’t come to pick her up as there were floods in town! Luckily our man writer gave her and the other lady a lift, which was very kind of him.

So we may have been few, but we had an excellent and productive meeting!

If you want to read our newish member’s work, here is something she shared on our writer’s blog:

If you have any writing, poetry, prose, a memoir, anything, that you would like to share, get in touch!


  1. grumpytyke

    Interesting to read the differences in approach by your writing group and our ‘club’ (Writing on the Wharfe) – most of our small band are not seeking to write a novel but concentrate on short stories or poetry and even a singer/songwriter who brings her lyrics and music, with only the occasional reading of an extract from an ongoing novel by one or two members. Recent activities have been running a writing competition for youngsters with two being named ‘Young writer of the year’ (short stories) and ‘Young poet of the year’ then a ‘performance’ at the Ilkley Film Festival ‘fringe’. That was in Ilkley theatre, quite an experience for all of us, but now this is to be repeated with different original works in the more intimate setting of Ilkley library on 10 Dec afternoon. A similarity is that we too were set the theme of ‘Winter’ for this performance. We’re about a year and a half old, having been founded by our delightful young Romanian ‘leader’ Ruxandra last year, starting by meeting in a coffee shop but now having a more suitable home in a local club for our fortnightly meetings on Saturday afternoons. At the moment we have an age range of early 20s to over 80 with a mixture of genders. We have a private Facebook group, members only, for communication within the club. I’ll point members to your post. If you wish you can see my offerings for the ‘Winter’ performance in the latest post on my blog.

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    1. Lois

      Thank you – yes I’d love to see what your writing group does! My group is made up of older people – it’s a U3A group, but I’m thinking of starting another open to all… I know a couple of people who are interested who would have very different views and ways of writing from most of my current group. All of the people in my groups are more interested in short pieces, and poetry, but this novel writing thing just happened to crop up as it is on at the moment! If the rest of the group had been with us it would have been more varied.
      I don’t know if you’ve come across it, but three of us have started a blog to share writing – and all sorts of things from both groups have appeared, as well as pieces from other people from across the world! It’s just a way of showcasing work which otherwise might just sit in dusty drawers. if you think any of your group might be interested, here is the link
      Somerset is just where we are, by the way, the blog is open to all!
      Another thing I am interested in starting is a writing group for people wanting to write about their family history/memoirs/autobiography, not to do the genealogical research but to explore different ways of ‘Telling the tale’… but I think that will be next spring – I’ve got a lot of stuff coming up over the next few months!


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