Beetroot, parsnips and kale

I arrived home and Mr Riverford had left my organic veg box tucked away on the doorstep. I never look in advance what I am going to get, I like it to be a surprise! I looked in the box, beetroot, parsnips, kale, leeks, mushrooms, potatoes and sprouts… I’m particularly fond of sprouts and leeks, lots of delicious things to do with them, beetroot I love, with sour cream and chives, as soup, roast, lots of nice things! I know I have a cupboard full of chutney, but I might try making curried parsnip chutney – the perfect recipe has so far eluded me, but it will be heavenly when I find it!! Mushrooms I like in a variety of ways, but perhaps most simply in butter on toast with plenty of pepper, potatoes are useful… but kale, what on earth can I do with kale?!

I say because I’m the only one who likes ‘green things’; my husband has a Christmas sprout, yes ‘a‘, just the one (1) and he doesn’t mind a little rocket or watercress, but not too much, but anything else (including cucumber and courgettes) he really doesn’t like. I’ve found quite a nice recipe including kale with chorizo and fried potatoes… but will that use up a whole bag? I think not…

However, I will share again this amazing recipe for sprouts! I saw something like it once, and then ‘put my own twist on it’ as Masterchef contestants say! The original recipe had precise amounts of everything, but now I just do what I fancy, but keeping the ingredients.

  • baby sprouts,  big ones cut  in half
  •  the green end, leek,  finely sliced
  • olive oil and butter
  •  chorizo cut into slices or chunks
  • black pudding  cubed
  •  cashew nuts
  •  blue cheese or cream cheese or any cheese you happen to have
  •  cream and/or yoghurt
  • sherry or similar
  1. add the chorizo, black pudding  and cashews  to a non-stick pan and fry gently to release the fat, drain and set aside but keep the fat in the pan
  2. add the oil and butter, as much as you think you need with the fat from the chorizo to quickly but gently cook the leeks, just for just a few minutes then add the sprouts
  3. cook them for a few minutes, until they brighten up, DO NOT OVERCOOK!!
  4.  a splash or two of sherry – and add more if it seems to  dry
  5. in a small pan very gently eat the cream, yoghurt and cheese together they make a smooth sauce
  6. put the sprouts and leeks on a warmed plate, add the chorizo, black pudding and cashews, gently pour the cheeses sauce over the top


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