Yesterday was book club, and as I mentioned, I read the wrong book… I am spectacularly absent-minded – my absent mind being on the people in my head, and just in case you think I’m completely potty, I mean the characters in my stories, and the things and people I am writing about now.

I bought the wrong book for book club, an understandable mistake, I bought ‘Girl on a Train’ and not ‘The Girl on a Train‘ – luckily I didn’t buy ‘A Girl on a Train’… I did discover it before I arrived at the friend’s lovely house where we were meeting last night – Imagine if I’d arrived and launched into my thoughts and hadn’t realised! So forewarned, I took some information about the three books to show how my mistake had happened! Everyone laughed, of course, but then we settled into chatting about the books – and in fact, from the sound of it, the book I’m reading is better than the one I should have read! I have to confess I’m not quite at the end but I will share my thoughts on it when I do finish.

The other book we were reading was ‘The Light Years’ by Elizabeth Jane Howard, and once again I had a different opinion from most of the others; I hated it… yes, I admit, I hated it; I couldn’t engage with any of the characters, and their empty lives (apart from their strange relationships with each other) held no interest for me… I did struggle on, but I was glad when I closed it! Fortunately, someone else thought the same as me, so what with my hilarious The/A/Girl on the train mistake, the lovely company and comfortable surroundings, I think I got away with my mistake!

8 thoughts on “I think I got away with it!

  1. ‘The other book we were reading was ‘The Light Years’ by Elizabeth Jane Howard, and once again I had a different opinion from most of the others; I hated it….’

    Maybe the book everyone else likes is actually ‘A Light Year’.
    Tell them you have Slavic blood and have no idea about these definite and indefinite articles – my Croat friend randomly shoves the word ‘the’ into any position in a sentence just on the grounds he knows he has not used it for a while!
    BTW have you ever read ‘A girl on the train’?

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    • Great idea! it’s my Slav DNA… of course it is! Also… not counting Buzz Lightyear, there are at least seven other books with similar titles, so of course they could have been reading the wrong one!!

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  2. I must admit to smiling when I read how you had read the wrong book for book club. With three possible titles so close, no wonder it happened and surprisingly no one else had the same surprise. The/A/Girl on the train mistake turned into an interesting discussion, and it sounds as if you were the lucky one with the more interesting book. Book Clubs are such fun when the discussion is open and honest and people can explain why they loved (or not!) a book and, as you say, it makes for a lovely afternoon sharing conversation with others who also love to read. Thanks for the smile today! 🙂

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