OK… so I didn’t post something late… I don’t know about other bloggers, how organised they are, or how much they post as scheduled posts, but I want to connect with people during the day… however, sometimes my actual life and my actual writing comes between me and my blog!
So all was set fair; it’s Saturday night, and unlike in former times when Saturday night meant clubbing, unless we have a particular thing to do ,Saturday can be very much as any other night. Tuesday is quiz night, Sunday is pub night and there are a few variables in between.

So tonight… nothing much planned… then, because tomorrow is a special night, we suddenly think maybe pub deserves  a visit… oh, it is raining… well we have waterproofs, we have umbrellas, so pub…

Actually as we step out to walk the few hundreds yards to the pub,wearing our rain coats and armed with an umbrella,actually, it isn’t raining that much. We trundle down to the pub, down the deserted, puddle filled high street… it’s mild, and actually is only spotting with rain.

We enter, and sitting round the table by the door,Shirley, Maureen and Jean greet us. The beloved goes to the bar to get our drinks and I stand chatting to our friends. This is the amazing thing… Our friends live in the village, their homeland is Northern Ireland to which we are particularly attached ad have many memories and connections, and suddenly it seems we have another connection, a very small village in Cambridgeshire where we both have connections – my cousin and their cousin too!



      1. simonjkyte

        For a time it was totally my landscape. But there was something odd about it and eventually I didn’t want to e up there.After I left something tragic happened – I went back once and that was it for me.

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