Annoying people

Even the most harmless and pleasant people can be really… really… really annoying… It’s a fail on my part to be annoyed, and in the end I was so irritated that I actually moved places so I could no longer see them… although I could still hear them. Them… actually it was only one…

We were in the pub – we don’t always go in on a Friday night, only occasionally, Tuesday quiz night and Sunday the 2 T’s is our regular visits (2 T’s – two friends whose names begin with T)

So tonight, friends at bar who we greeted and exchanged news, couple of blokes, sitting fairly silently side by side, so we took our drinks and sat just by the door which is usually known as George’s place (after an ancient regular who has been coming in for years) Also in the bar was a party of six people, five women and one man… we guessed it might be a works’ do. There were about five dead prosecco bottles, and a few ‘live’, and other drinks too. We could only see three of them, the others were sideways to us; in the far corner was a woman, who unlike three of the others who were blond, and the other who was auburn, had brown hair. It was cut short in a very attractive style, and she was wearing a quite dressy but not ostentatious dress.

So far, so cool… but after about half an hour, even though we were about twenty foot away from her, all we could hear was her voice. Where I was sitting was in a direct line of vision to her, so I couldn’t help but see her as well as hear her. Four of the group were chatting to each other, but the blond woman sitting next to the short-haired woman was trapped and was having to listen to all the extraordinary tales she was told, along with dramatic gestures and the acting out of the stories….

We moved to a different place, and although we could still hear her, at least we couldn’t see her…


  1. David Lewis

    Some people tend to be loud because they are hard of hearing. An old friend of mine was bragging about his new hearing aid and how good it worked. I asked what kind it was and he replied 10 o clock. Go figure!

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