December 17th…

This is what I wrote about on December 17th 2012:

Tonight we are enjoying a little glass, a wee dram of very fine whisky, Aberlour. The distillery was founded in 1879, in Aberlour – full name  Charlestown of Aberlour , Moray, Scotland, although there was a history of whisky distillation before then on the site; it’s a Speyside single malt whisky…and my husband Bari’s favourite  It certainly is very mellow, and smooth, and I am enjoying it but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite. It has a sort of honey richness and an almost apricotty background flavour.


Is anyone else having difficulty with WordPress over the last few days? I know they have a new layout and shortcuts and links and other whizzy things, but the pages are taking ages to load, and sometimes aren’t loading at all. I can’t find a way to edit photos like I could before an everything just seems more awkward and time-consuming… or is it just me?


I love the way the sea is so artistic! The way seaweed is precisely lined up, the way driftwood and other debris is carefully arranged to make a woven barrier of detritus. Pebbles are placed and deposited to best show off their colour, their lines, their patterns and  structure. The sea polishes and works its material and then forms its temporary exhibition for whoever happens to be passing at that time… and if no-one passes by and stops and admires, it doesn’t care, and if someone pauses to enjoy it doesn’t care about that either… and twice a day it discards its creation, and twice a day presents us with a new one.


…and lastly:

It’s always a gamble if you hear  some unusual music, like it and buy the CD with only having heard one song. I’ve had a few experiences where I end up with a CD with one marvellous piece on it – or one piece which I really like, and then the rest either duffs or not to my taste.

Here on WordPress I came across a video with some music by an Icelandic artist which I really liked; I found the CD was a collection of Icelandic musicians and bought it… It has arrived, I’ve played it, I love it! There are a couple of strange-sounding pieces, but strange because they are an unfamiliar style, and I think I might come to really like them… not sure about the one which sounds like a troll singing Tibetan mantras…


The artists are Ragnheiður Gröndal, Steintryggur, Maus, Laurence Revey, Pétur Ben, Storsveit Nix Noltes,Rökkurró, Lost in Hildurness, My Summer As A Salvation Soldier, Eivør Pálsdóttir, Steindór Andersen & Sigur Rós and Ingibjörg Þorbergs… I have only heard of Sigur Rós before… but I think I shall be looking for albums for some of these other singers too!
o which was the singer I really liked? I have to say I don’t remember!



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