Guess who was in the café/bookshop? Wah!

A couple of days ago I posted a grumpy post about being irritated by people… I ended up thinking I was being a bit of a scrooge and I should be more tolerant… I had been prompted to write about irritating people by a woman with a child; every time the child yelled, she yelled back (in a funny-mummy sort of way) this had gone on for the half hour I was drinking coffee, with the child becoming more and more excited and the woman louder…

I reflected that i should be more tolerant.. So i was in the bookshop part today, looking at books about rivers when suddenly ‘wah!’ – wah!!’ ‘WAH!!!’ ‘WAH!!!’ … Yes, same woman, same child, I left, i didn’t buy a book…

This has been in my brain since I last wrote about it:

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