Looking back at New Year’s Eves

I started writing here in 2012, and in a way it has become almost like a diary as I write about things I have done – as well as other things too. So as 2016 draws to a close, here is how I ended my blog on December 31st over the last four years:

2012 –

  • January – my birthday, a special birthday for my cousin Diana, and I start the Dharma Foundation Course, February – a trip to Iceland, I miss the Northern Lights, and St.Valentine’s Day! March – the family holiday in Kettlewell, Yorkshire, I start my blog and publish my first novel, ‘Farholm’, April – my sister Andy’s birthday, May – family get together in memory of Aunty Beryl, but also thinking of her sisters Audrey  and my mum, Monica, June – The Jai Ho on Jubilee day where the Sabres play live! I publish my second book ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’, July –  an abundance of raspberries… but that is about all our garden produces this wet year, August – getting together with my buddy Wendy and husband, Mac on Box Hill, Surrey, also my daughter’s 18th birthday, September – my daughter’s dream comes true, she starts University in Ulster! October – my best friend Andrew’s birthday, and this is the year he publishes his first book! My 21st wedding anniversary, November – my son’s birthday! Publication of my third novel, ‘Loving Judah’, December – happy birthday to my darling husband, and happy Christmas everyone!

2013 –

  • looking back over the previous three months, and things I’d done in October November, December – A visit to London to see the ‘Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum’ exhibition at the British Museum… Brew Dog – unfortunately I was driving so I only sampled sips… Dungeness is a strange but magical place… This is my third year of teaching English conversation, and it’s just as much fun… a fabulous exhibition in Salford Museum and Art Gallery by Sarah Greaves… the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham… The annual family party with my four cousins… a visit to Radwinter, the name that inspired my new novel!
  • Last cream tea of 2013 at Derrick’s Tea Rooms Cheddar

  • 2013 seems to have been very busy, lots and lots of music, wonderful times with friends, lots of sunshine, family, lots of writing, visits to new places, meeting new people, pubs and beer, undertaking new enterprises… writing, pubs, new places/enterprises/people, music, friends, sunshine, family

2014 –

  • I just had to…

2015 –

  • In a reflective mood I wrote this:”I was speaking to a friend and she said something which really resonated with me… not in a personal sense, thank goodness, but in a creative way. She was talking about a family she knew and how difficult it had been for them over the holiday period, and as I listened to what she was telling me, I thought how very fortunate we are, my husband and I still together and in love after twenty-five years, with two children who have come home to share the holiday with us because they like as well as love us.

    The family my friend was talking about have not been so lucky. The couple have both been married before, the husband has four children by his first wife; two of the children are no longer with their own partners so their own children have only one parent living with them. The wife has two children who are not speaking to each other, and with whom there are other complications revolving round their own children.

    My friend said, it is like a family picture, which once it is broken can never be properly put together again, there are always pieces missing, and some of the pieces which are still there are damaged…

    I thought that was such a vivid way of describing families where things have gone wrong… Whatever the reasons behind things not working, there is always sadness and hurt… I really hope that the family my friend knows has a better future, and that their problems and difficulties are resolved as best they can…”


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