Getting it out there

New year and new ambition to write and share what we write; this is a post I wrote last year when two friends and I started a new blog. We have been amazed at its success, it has slowly been growing and more and more writers are sharing their work:

The Moving Dragon Writes

Like many writers, we have become increasingly frustrated by the fact that it seems impossible to share our work . The three of us, Richard, John and Lois met through our different U3A creative writing groups and got together to try and think of a way we could promote and publicise our work; just writing it and reading it to yourself, or to a small group of friends, is a little bit lonely, like a singer with a song in an empty hall…

We decided to start a blog; John writes mainly poetry and philosophical pieces, Richard writes funny stories, serious stories, novels, poems and euphonic verse, he writes about his travels… and writes about writing; Lois writes about writing, and shares her thoughts on writing her novels and self-publishing them.

We decided to open our blog to everyone – there are so many writers who don’t seem to be able to find an audience, and blogging seemed the way forward. Through our blog we can showcase their work to a much wider audience. We now have over thirty writers – and we are always on the lookout for more, and welcome writers of every sort; our post include travel writing, book reviews, reminiscences, stories for children, geological walks, history, family history, cookery writing, fantasy writing, stream punk, excerpts from novels, publishing and self-publishing… variety really is the spice of writing!

We have been amazed at our success; within a few months we’d had nearly 1000  ‘visitors’, and 3,000 ‘views’, that is, people who had read our work; these visitors came from literally all across the world which is wonderful, and very exciting!

We would love to share the work of U3A members from creative writing, writing, poetry, history or any other group. We always link work back to the author’s own website or blog if they have one, and we also have a forum where anything to do with writing can be discussed.

… oh, and dragons? Our site is the Moving Dragon Writes!

See our blog here:

and find us in Facebook here:

and also on Twitter:

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