River Cruise on Board M.C. Belle September 1937

Here is teh next entry in the diary that my dad and his best freind Sammy kept in the late August early September of 1937; they were eighteen years old and had hired a motor cruiser and went out into the Fens on the last holiday before they started work.


The swim this morning was a very quick one and a very strong wind was blowing. We decided that it was about time we let the outer world know how we were getting along. We wrote our letters and postcards and walked to Chivers Shippen Hill Estate Farm and got our stamps and posted the letters. This done we returned to the ‘Belle’ and once moor moored against the staunch.

The steak we had for dinner I’m afraid did not come up to standard but the stewed apples and custard made an excellent sweet.

The rest of the afternon was spent exploring and playing cards as the wind was very strong which made fishing almost impossible.

Rough water made fishing impossible

In the evening  Percy came with his dog and listened to the programme on the wireless by the “Buggins Family”. We caught five roach in the evening when the wind had dropped and then off to the Dragon to enjoy more darts or “arrows” as they are called. As this was our last night, we had to say goodbye to all the old boys who were very sorry to see us go.

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