At the risk of Louis F. Walford, former purchaser…

My great-grandfather, Louis Walford was born in Tasmania in 1845; his parents returned to London, and I believe Louis also travelled to England, but then returned to Australia, this time to New South Wales. Here are two adverts for auctions held in 1874, one at 2 o’clock and one at 3 on the afternoon of 28th May:

At the risk of Louis F. Walford, former purchaser.

Thursday, 28th May. 1400 HEAD CATTLE, for positive and unreserved sale, to dairymen, graziers, & others, H. Hogarth has received positive instruction from C. Bannister, Esq., to sell by auction, at the Bombala pound yard, in lots, on Thursday, 28th May, the whole of the choice & well-bred dairy cattle, formerly the property of Mr John Murphy Bibbenluke, and known as the celebrated “Kybean” herd. This fine lot of quiet cattle, consist of a general mixed herd of 1400 head, comprising bullocks, steers, heifers, and about two hundred head of very superior milking cows. They will be offered in lots to suit purchasers the auctioneer specially calls notice to this bona fide sale and begs to remark that such an opportunity rarely occurs of getting superior quiet dairy cattle. Sale to commence at two prompt, terms at sale. N.B.- the public are assured that the vendor’s instructions are imperative to sell.

At the risk of Louis F. Walford, former purchaser.

Thursday, 28th May. “Kybean” Station (without stock,) for positive and unreserved sale. H. Hogarth has been favoured with instructions from C. Bannister, Esq., to sell by auction, on Thursday, 28th May, at the Imperial Hotel, Bombala “Kybean” station, without stock, situated in the Manaro district, 40 miles from Bombala, 25 from Cooma, estimated to contain over 80,000 acres; and capable of grazing 8000 head of cattle. This fine station was originally taken up by the late Chas. Throsby, Esq., one of the most sagacious of our pioneer squatters, and selected by him principally for its qualities to stand any season. It consists of good open forest, of park-like appearance, well grassed and permanently watered, all available and good cattle and dairy country. The improvements consist of new stockyard for 2000 head of cattle, 4-roomed house, milking yards, &c., and 2 small paddocks. The purchased land will be given in with the station. Sale to commence at three o’olock after the sale of the cattle. Terms at sale.

More about the Throsby family:



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