Dear diary…

To be honest I am not very good at keeping a diary, apart from here where I do tend to share some of the things I’ve been up to and some of the thoughts I’ve had. I have an old friend who has written a diary every day since she was about ten, and writes at least a page… she is now well into her seventies… what a treasure, what history! I do have a diary, and for the last ten years or so I have had diaries and made notes and jottings each day, if I remember, but notes and jottings is all they are.

However, when we went away on our six week big adventure, I resolved to keep a diary, and keep it as fully as possible and keep it every day. We would have plenty of time, we thought, and indeed we did. I thought I might write on the flight to Tasmania, but it was too cramped, too hot, too uncomfortable, and maybe I was too excited.

We arrived and got settled in our hotel and a pattern to our days emerged – even when we went on our car tour round the island, we kept pretty much to the same routine. We got up early, breakfasted and then went out exploring, usually having a snack or light lunch, or sometimes just a cake with coffee. We would return to the hotel, maybe at four or five, maybe earlier, and after a few hours relaxing and unwinding, we would go out for a meal and to find some beer – while we were in Hobart it was usually at our ‘local’, the Shamrock.

So really I had plenty of time for a diary, but somehow other stuff got in the way, doing other writing, watching the Tasmanian and Australian news, reading, looking at the leaflets, magazines and books we had picked during the day, chatting…

I had a thick writing book, and I did half fill it, and I wrote in other books too – when we were out and stopped to sit in a park, by the shore, on the beach, he would draw and I would write.  I wrote fairly consistently, but not always in sequence, reflecting on things we had done a few days ago, as well as what we had done that day.

Part of the problem for me writing my diary, and this may sound silly, I just couldn’t decide what ‘voice’ to use… I didn’t want a list of ‘we did this, and then we did that, and then we went so and so and saw such and such…‘ – and because I am so used to using a keyboard because my handwriting is so illegible, it did slow me down trying to write so anyone including myself could read it. We left Tasmania, so sad to depart, but looking forward to seeing our friends in Brisbane, a new place for me! I didn’t write a single word in my diary while I was with our friends!

So my diary; it was a partial success in that I did write something, but it is not complete… I’ll try and catch up with the missing bits here, which I daresay won’t be as vivid, but at least I might complete the story of our adventure!


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