I wrote yesterday about my preferred genre of fiction – mystery, crime,police procedural, so it’s no surprise that it’s also my preferred TV viewing too. I don’t actually watch a lot of TV, most evenings I’m here, writing, although recently, in an effort to improve fitness and lose a few of the pounds gained over the autumn (wedding anniversary party, husband’s special birthday party, family Christmas party, visits to friends and relatives), Christmas and our visit to Tasmania I have been doing some exercising…

Anyway, by chance I happened upon a new to me TV series called ‘Brokenwood’ and in teh opening episode Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd arrives in the small town of Brokenwood to investigate a murder. As you might expect, in the best tradition of TV detectives he is slightly off-beat and eccentric in his methods and the small town is exactly like all small towns in such stories – or any TV stories, ‘memories – and animosities – run deep‘. He soon acquires a sensible female sergeant, an even more eccentric than he is forensic and medical examiner, and a young outsider who soon becomes an important character who knows all about the town and the inhabitants.

Brokenwood is a fictional town, as most are in these type of TV series – think Midsummer, think Ashfordly and  Aidensfield in ‘Heartbeat’, think back to Newtown in Z-Cars, and Denton where Detective Inspector Frost solved cases. The show was filmed around the greater Aukland area, and that is where it is set. It’s a place for people retired from the city, a small pleasant retreat to a supposedly simpler life… lots of farming and wine making in the area.

The two main actors are Neill Rea as Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd and Fern Sutherland as Detective Kristin Sims, and there have been three series of four episodes each,, and apparently a fourth series is on its way.

I’ve really enjoyed the two episodes I’ve seen – I guess they are not challenging viewing, but sometimes you just need to relax and read/view something straightforward. At the moment they are showing on Drama TV in the UK:


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