The magnificently named Royall Tyler, born in 1757 in Boston was an American lawyer and playwright, and also a Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Vermont. He sounds a remarkable character, both in his public and private life, and founded a ‘dynasty’ of Royall Tylers, his great-grandson, also  Royall Tyler, born in 1884, was a famous historian, and  another Royall Tyler born in 1936 is a well-known scholar and a translator of Japanese literature.

Here is a sonnet:

On a Ruined House in a Romantic Country

And this reft house is that the which he built,
Lamented Jack! and here his malt he pil’d,
Cautious in vain! These rats that squeak so wild,
Squeak, not unconscious of their father’s guilt.
Did ye not see her gleaming through the glade!
Belike, ‘t was she, the maiden all forlorn.
What tho’ she, the maiden all forlorn.
What tho’ she milk no cow with crumpled horn,
Yet, aye, she haunts the dale where erst she stray’d;
And aye, beside her stalks her amorous knight!
Still on his thighs their wonted brogues are worn,
And thro’ those brogues, still tatter’d and betorn,
His hindward charms gleam an unearthly white;
As when thro’ broken clouds at night’s high noon
Peeps in fair fragments forth the full orb’d harvest moon.

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