I maintain that British people have always loved hot and spicy food – before the Americas were “discovered” hot ingredients and condiments spiced up all sorts of recipes, mustard, horseradish, watercress, and ginger has been with us in Europe for well over a thousand years. So when the spice trade opened up other flavours, the British embraced curry/currie/curey and all the other ways it was spelt in written recipes.

In my 1956 Constance \spry Cookery Book there is a section on curry:

  • chicken curry, (1) (2) and (3) and (4 – MrsMackenzie’s curry)
  • cold curried chicken and cold chicken curry
  • mild chicken curry
  • curried rabbit
  • curried shell-fish
  • simple prawn curry
  • lobster curry, (1) and (2)
  • delicate sauce for cold curries
  • vegetable curries
  • potato curry
  • curry of mixed vegetables
  • fruit curries
  • egg curries
  • poached eggs in curry sauce
  • meat curries
  • kebabs
  • dry curries
  • dry mutton curry
  • coronation chicken
  • cream of curry sauce
  • almond chicken curry
  • fruit curry
  • banana and melon curry Winkfield
  • pineapple nut curry
  • chicken curry for a party
  • cold curried eggs
  • red almond curry
  • qorma
  • lawand

… and accompaniments including:

  • Bombay ducks
  • poppadums
  • chutney (7 recipes)
  • shredded apple
  • tomatoes
  • mashed potato
  • home-made curry powder

I used to love Bombay ducks – not ducks at all but little dried fish, evil-smelling and very salty, but delicious! The bummalo is a type of a lizardfish; it’s years and years since I have even seen one on the menu, all because they were banned by the EC (European Commission) in 1997!

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