Tasmanian adventure – Wonderful Mr Wolfhagen

Although we spent most of our time in Hobart while we were in Tasmania, we did hire a car and go on a ten-day tour of the island. We spent a couple of days in Launceston, a beautiful city in the north of the state, which is at the junction of two rivers, the North Esk and South Esk. Once they have joined they become the Tamar River. We parked our car when we arrived, and we didn’t get into it again until we left two days later.

We wandered the city, admiring the architecture, taking photos, and visiting the two site of QVMAG, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. As with all the museums and galleries we visited while we there, big and small, they were exceptional, wonderful, inspiring places. it’s going to take a while to properly process and reflect on all we saw and experienced, and little memories keep popping up and returning unexpectedly.

Today, the sky here was a lovely spring blue, the wind had died and we had a very pleasant and sunny day. Something about the quality of the blue triggered my thoughts of visiting Launceston, and seeing some of the works of Philip Wolfhagen in an exhibition called ‘Transformations’. Mr Wolfhagen is an artist born in Launceston in 1963. He went to the Tasmanian School of Art in Hobart, and also the Sydney College of the Arts, but now he resides and works back in Tasmania.

On his website he is described as being ‘recognised as one of Australia’s leading contemporary landscape painters. His paintings are inspired by the atmospheric landscape of northern Tasmania and the emotive qualities of light and weather.’

That absolutely sums up his work; I sat in the gallery just immersed myself in his wonderful paintings – I was just pulled in and overwhelmed in a peaceful, energising and positive way by the power of his work. There was a huge single painting,  a panel of seven different but linked work, and then twenty smaller paintings hung together to form a complete work – I don’t think I have explained that very well!

I could have sat there all day, but there was so much more to see, more to do… and the gallery was closing too!




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