Writing life stories

I run two creative writing groups, and although they are quite different essentially we talk about writing, discuss different aspects of the craft, share ideas and share what we have written – at the end of each group I offer suggestions for what to write about next time, but they are just that, just suggestions and members can write whatever they like!

I write here on my blog a lot about my family and the history of people who came before, and I explore different ways of telling my ancestors’ stories… I have thought for quite a long time about starting another writing group, based on how people can tell the stories of their lives and of their families lives.

I have wondered about this for a while, and in fact I wrote about it here before, and outlined the sort of things I might cover:

  1. Life story
  2. My story
  • My life in music/sport/theatre etc
  • My travels
  • School story/ college/university/training/forces
  • Work story
  • Romances/adventures/interesting tales
  • My life and my belief
  • My fantasy life
  • My hero/heroine someone I admire
  • spooky experiences
  1. My childrens’ story
  2. My family’s story
  3. My genealogical research story
  4. Story of a place
  5. Story of a person, a character from history or a person who’s alive today
  6. Tales my parents/grandparents/uncles and aunties told me
  7. Imaginary person’s life story
  8. How things have changed
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas/Easter/ Whitsun/harvest/bonfire night/Halloween/advent
  • School
  • Children… ‘when I was young…’
  • Families
  1. Food, recipes, meals
  2. Travel writing
  3. Particular events –personal/national/historic… I remember where I was when…

These are only thoughts, a framework to hang writing on, and of course it depends on the people in the group and what they want!

My ponderings have come to the real thing, a date has been set, Monday 24th April – the fourth Monday of the month! I can only accommodate a certain number of people at home; if lots of people want to join, then maybe I will have to find somewhere else to hold the meetings!

By the way, my Radwinter stories, a series of four novels are about someone’s genealogical rese\arch, and how he writes the story of his family… if you have not read them yet, and not read my other novels either, here is a link:



  1. David Lewis

    I’ll create my own fantasy Lois then.Princess of the lost Ojibway tribe. Forever young and beautiful. Awakened by the wails of the elders and the beat of there drums from the mist of her island abode.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. David Lewis

    No totem poles around here. The Ojibways drew pictographs on rock ledges by Lake Superior. One group were called the Heckawees and how they got there name is interesting. Don’t remember if I told you the story?


  3. David Lewis

    They show images of what looks like a dragon or a creature like the Loch Ness monster.It’s called Ogopokee and Princess Lois was said to have tamed it and rode it on its back on Lake Superior. I am trying to get one of the native elders to get me into there sweat lodge for spiritual and physical healing as I have given up on traditional medicine. I was fired by my eye surgeon last week and not told why. At the end of my rope with Canadian medicine and may seek help in England!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lois

      Oh dear… I hope you find another doctor who can help. I’m fascinated by the Ogookee… He sounds magical and wonderful, I can imagine gliding round the lakes on him, casting spells wherever I go!


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