Kangaroo soup

We were passing a butcher’s which sells unusual meats and we went in to see if they had any wallaby. Yes, I know they are cute etc, but so are lambs, anyway… while we were away I had wallaby several times and it was absolutely delicious. The butcher had none, but he did have kangaroo, so we bought a couple of streaks.

I cooked them very simply, on a griddle with butter and olive oil, I didn’t marinade them or treat them with anything, I just fried them. While they were resting and the vegetables were finishing cooking (roast potatoes, carrots, peas, cauliflower, sprouts) I made a sort of sauce/gravy with the juices plus port and cherry jam and a little chicken stock… and it was mighty fine, I can tell you!

Today for lunch I made some soup with the remaining sauce/gravy; it seemed a little sweet now it was on its own, so I added some more stock, a little horseradish, a little Worcestershire sauce and the tiniest splash of nam pla (fish sauce) I also added some tiny shell pasta and chopped up a couple of the left over roast potatoes. My husband had the carrots and peas in his bowl, I had the sprouts and cauliflower… and we decided it was a very good soup!

I guess a lot of people might have thrown those oddments away, but we had a lovely lunch – and it felt as if it was free because it was leftovers!


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